Prepare/Enrich - a variety of premarital assessments for couples in a variety of relationship/family contexts. Website available for online tools.

SYMBIS - a comprehensive relationship assessment tool, book, workbook available. Website available for online tools.


Save Your Marriage Before It Starts - Dr. Les and Leslie Parrott

Preparing for Marriage - David Boehl, Brent Nelson, Jeff Schulte, and Lloyd Shadrach


Comprehensive Sex/Porn Addiction and Trauma Recovery Addict

Addict - books

A Life Recovery Guide for Men (workbook) - Dr. Mark Laaser

Facing the Shadow -workbook - Dr. Patrick Carnesl

Faithful and True - Dr. Mark Laaser - a workbook for men recovering from sexual addiction.

Out of the Shadows - Dr. Patrick Carnes

Healing the Wounds of Sex Addiction - Dr. Mark Laaser

Men's Life Guide - Dr. Mark Laaser - a workbook for mens' sex addiction recovery.

The Porn Trap - Wendy Maltz and Larry Maltz

Shadows of the Cross (workbook) - Craig Cashwell, Pennie K. Johnson, and Patrick J. Carnes

Partner - books

Facing Heartbreak (workbook) - Stefanie Carnes, Mari A. Lee, and Anthony D. Rodriguez

Mending a Shattered Heart - Stephanie Carnes

Shattered Vows - Deb Laaser

The Betrayal Bond - Dr. Patrick Carnes

Your Sexually Addicted Spouse - Barbara Steffens and Marsha Means

Couple - books

Erotic Intelligence - Alexandra Katehakis

Open Hearts - couple's recovery workbook - Patrick J. Carnes, Deb Laaser, and Mark Laaser

Recovering from Losses in Life - H. Norman Wright

The Couple's Guide to Intimacy - Bill and Ginger Bercaw - a workbook on establishing or re-establishing healthy sexuality in your relationship.

Total Intimacy - Doug Rosenau and Deborah Neele

Couple - blogs

Comprehensive Sex Addiction Recovery - Principles, relationship dynamics, healing, restoring healthy and steamy sexuality, restoring spiritual passion.

Spiritual Formation


An Unhurried Life - Alan Falding - for those addicted to adrenaline.

Desiring God's Will - David Benner - for those desiring to discover and do God's will.

The Reason for God - Timothy Keller - for those with questions about the existence of God.

Opening to God - David Benner - a wealth of ways to commune and draw closer to God. Allow yourself to experience God in ways that you may never have experienced.

Sabbath - Wayne Muller


Intimate Time with God - Devotional Series facilitating communion, connection, and confession with God. Practical, penetrating, and personal.

God is Good - 30 day Series on getting better acquainted with the goodness of God. Not necessarily what you think. God's definition of goodness extends beyond the borders of our understanding.

Making Sense out of Chaos - Reflections on the Book of Judges - A TIME WHEN EVERYONE DID WHATEVER WAS RIGHT IN THEIR OWN EYES - Hm! Does that sound familiar? Who said the Bible is not relevant for today?

Meditations on the Jesus Prayer - Simple, powerful, passed down through millennia, still practical.

Promises to Ponder - What about you? Are you in line to receive from God? Why not?

Psalms That Facilitate Attachment - A Six Months Devotional Guide leading to a deeper connection with God - By the time you complete this you will be in a deeper, more spiritually satisfying walk with God.

Pursuing Attachment Repair by Acquiring Experiential Knowledge Through God's Self Revelation (ITG) - based on Calvin's Institutes, not for the faint of heart when considering theology.

Rose Among Thorns - Reflections on the Book of Ruth -How God shows up when you least expect it.



Spiritual Formation Retreat

Worship as a Lifestyle Retreat

Marital Therapy

Affair Recovery - books

After the Affair - Janis Abrahams Spring

Torn Asunder: Recovering from an Extramarital Affair - book and workbook - David Carder

Affair Recovery - Blog

What happens when someone steps out?

Steps to Repair the Breach

Affair Recovery - Assessments

DAS - Dyadic Assessment

Love Style Assessment - Love Style Quiz

Couple's Group - books

How We Love book and workbook - Milan and Kay Yerckovich

Open Hearts - Patrick Carnes, Debra Laaser, and Mark Laaser - a workbook for Renewing Relationships with Recovery, Romance, and Reality.

Couple's Group - VIDEO

How We Love - A DVD series with workbooks, leader guide for developing a deeper relationship.

Relationship Attachment/ Bond Repair - books

Boundaries - Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend - a classic on the need and development of healthy boundaries in all relationships.

Boundaries in Marriage - Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend - As the title informs, this workbook assists in setting healthy boundaries in marriage. DVD also available.

Hold Me Tight - Dr. Sue Johnson - popular book on romantic relationships and bonding.

How We Love - book and workbook - Milan and Kay Yerkovich

Love Sense - Dr. Sue Johnson - about the science behind romantic relationships.

Relationship Enhancement - books

Seven Desires of Every Heart - Dr. Mark Laaser and Deb Laaser

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work - John Gottman

Hold Me Tight - Dr. Sue Johnson

Love Sense - Dr. Sue Johnson

Rekindling the Romance - Dennis and Barbara Rainey

Total Intimacy - Emotional, Sensual, Sexual, Spiritual Intimacy - books

The Gift of Sex - Clifford and Joyce Penner

Total Intimacy - Doug Rosenau and Deborah Neele

Erotic Intelligence - Alexandra Katehakis

The Intimacy Factor - Pia Melody

The Couple's Guide to Intimacy - Bill and Ginger Bercaw - a workbook on establishing or re-establishing healthy sexuality in your relationship

The Way to Love Your Wife - Clifford and Joyce Penner - An easy reader for helping the husband in the bedroom.

When Two Become One: Enhancing Sexual Intimacy in Marriage - Christopher and Rachel McCluskey


How We Love Sex...or Don't - Milan and Kay Yerkovich

Sex Therapy - books

Celebration of Sex - Dr. Doug Rosenau

Celebration of Sex after Fifty - Dr. Doug Rosenau

Coping with Erectile Dysfunction - Michael E. Metz and Barry W. McCarthy

Coping with Premature Ejaculation - Michael E. Metz and Barry W. McCarthy

Homosexuality and the Christian - Dr. Mark Yarhouse

Restoring the Pleasure - Clifford and Joyce Penner

Understanding Gender Dyphoria - Dr. Mark Yarhouse