Life, at its best is about meaningful and enriching relationships. Find or reclaim the healthy relationship you have always desired with yourself, a romantic other, or God.

At Grace Healing Journey we hold the total health and well being of the client as our highest value. We define that as mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, and physical. As of late, with the Coronavirus concerns there is a need for options that give the ability to continue getting the vital help we all need while also maximizing our physical health safety. Therefore, until the threat of contracting the coronavirus is curtailed and we do not put one another at risk, Grace Healing Journey and its therapists will be offering teletherapy as a solution to temporary suspension of face-to-face services.)

Now offering online services to meet you where you are.

A number of programs are available at a reduced cost as we know that many are impacted economically at this time. Call or email for further details.

Individual/Couple's Online Counseling

Are you longing for connection during this period of social distancing? Do you feel alone to deal with issues you may be facing, such as: depression, anxiety, marital discord, sexual addictions, male passivity or trauma recovery. We are here for your emotional support during this time of fear and uncertainty due to COVID-19.

Grace Healing Journey will now be using as the approved platform for online counseling purposes until further notice. This will allow you to start your journey to healing from the comfort of your home. We are here for you, care about you and want to walk with you during this difficult time.

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Online Groups

Online Groups


Is a safe and friendly Counseling Center located in Charlotte, NC.
8029 Corporate Center Dr #100, Charlotte, NC 28226.

You will find Grace Healing Journey to be a warm, nonjudgmental, accepting atmosphere where you can explore the issues that cause distress for you in your relationship with yourself, your spouse, other significant people, and God. You will discover lasting resolutions for relational impairment, personal emotional challenges, spiritual disconnection, and those ongoing, nagging practical problems.

For first time appointments please contact us.

Our Services

All of our services flow out of a combination of our passion for what we do, excellent evidence based training, personal and professional experience, and especially, out of an ever growing ability to adapt to our clients.

Our Blog

Our blogs are meant to be relevant, empirically tested, and information that has stood the test of time. Although we have a planned program for what is communicated we are also responsive to your input. You matter.


We provide a variety of resource information. Such as, videos, websites, blogs, books, magazines, music, events, workshops and therapists with expertise different than ours. We cover areas from the dynamics of romantic relationships, married relationship dynamics, sexual intimacy building, spiritual formation, relationship repair, sex addiction recovery principles and testimonies.

Grace Healing Journey is a personally engaging therapy and spiritual formation resource. We are also a compassionate relationally oriented counseling center that promotes healing, growth, and renewal.

Everyone wants to know that they matter, that they are valued, that they will be treated with compassion, honesty, and respect. Those are the foundational values Grace Healing Journey practices in all our engagements with our clients.

- Bruce W. Knight

Meditation #4 -Exclusivity in Relationship

There is a line in some marriage vows that goes this way, “ to love, to cherish, for better , for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, forsaking all others, to death do us part”. Does that really work in this...

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Meditation #3 - Path to a Deeper God Connection

Proverbs 2:1-5 Remember your “first love”. Picture spending hours and hours talking, texting, face timing, or being together. If felt impossible to ever think you would be separated. Even when you were, all you could think about,...

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Meditation # 2 - Crossroads

The other side of this truth concerning the fear of the Lord demonstrates something in Hebrew wisdom literature that might offer a double comparison, where the same concept had repeated statements but in a slightly different way to provide a fuller...

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