The Source of Identity, Security, and Intimacy

The Fear of the Lord through an attachment lens

(As found in the Hebrew Practical Living Wisdom Literature - Proverbs)

Introduction to these meditations

This series of meditations from the Wisdom Literature of the book of Proverbs will focus on a theme that is laced like a ribbon through the book of Proverbs. The Author, Creator, and Designer of relationships has revealed "secrets for happy relationships" throughout this theme. Some, who may misunderstand this theme, may at first glance feel repelled, however, that would result in great personal loss of insight and experiential blessing. Sometimes, we miss the richness and nourishment that God has available to us by a shallow reading of Scripture. Often this occurs due to a lack of understanding of context. Just as any article you may read in a magazine, journal, website, blog, or social media post, understanding the context of the message is important. Understanding the source, the reference point of the writer, and the philosophical position of the writer is important. The life experience and education of the writer is essential as well.

Another reason we may distance ourselves from some concepts in Scripture is because of our experience of those associated with God. I have heard the painful stories of many clients who have experienced profound wounds by the very place they should find comfort, help, and healing. You will be able to experience great benefit, comfort, freedom, joy, and healing if you allow yourself some space to maintain an open mind and heart as you begin to engage in these meditations. They are meant to gently open the door to consider, to reflect, and to receive only that which you allow. You are in the driver's seat here! Relax, take a few slow, deep, restorative breaths, close your eyes and visualize being in the presence of your best and closest friend and also the person with the most powerful and benevolent character. Are you ready to get in touch with the source of your identity, your security, and your authentic intimacy?