Teletherapy Use Guidelines

Teletherapy Use Guidelines

During this time, in order to accommodate the COVID-19 situation, we will be offering online counseling (Teletherapy) through the Telemedicine program. This resource meets HIPPA standards and is an easy access for clients.

How it works:

Your therapist must first invite you by emailing you a link. Click on the link to enter the virtual waiting room. That will notify your therapist that you are waiting. He or she will then log in at the appropriate time to begin your session. Please review the guidelines below for the best possible session experience.

Informed Consent for Online Counseling Services

My preferred formats are:

1. Doxy: A platform where you can teletherapy. Using a firefox or google chrome browser, click on the web address below at the time of our appointment and your therapist will join you.

All you need do is create a login once your therapist has invited you.

Please arrive to your session five minutes ahead of time (and possibly sooner your first time to troubleshoot any issues). If you arrive early, you will be in the "waiting room" until I greet you at your appointment time. You do not need to download any software.

Although all technology has potential security risks, online options like Doxy are preferable because they meet current security requirements in the US and Canada (HIPPA and PIPEDA, respectively).

2. Formats that are listed on the OCR page as HIPPA approved- talk with your therapist about any of these and get specific instructions from them about how to get set up.

Although online counseling is a convenient option for when someone is ill or encouraged to socially distance, there are some drawbacks:

  • Potential difficulty finding a private place
  • Technical problems such as an unstable internet connection, poor sound or video quality which may contribute to less effective communication
  • Potential limitations in your insurance coverage
  • Less visibility of emotion, verbal expression, and body language compared to face-to-face sessions.
  • Missed opportunities for psychological, physical and social benefits associated with attending in-person
  • Particular interventions may be unavailable or less effective (e.g., EMDR)
  • Emergencies: If you are in a crisis or are having a life-threatening emergency, this may require you to go to the nearest hospital or call 911.


  • Ensure your laptop or phone has a microphone and camera
  • Confirm you have a secure connection and avoid public wifi options like coffee houses as they might not be secure
  • Establish a private room in your home, and a time for your appointment that maximizes your ability to be completely alone, have privacy, and not be interrupted
  • Prevent the temptation to multi-task as this will reduce effectiveness of your video counseling session.
  • Please no recording of your counseling session to ensure privacy and security
  • In the event of a disconnection, if this results in your session lasting fewer than 60 minutes, you will only be billed for the amount of time of your actual connection. In the event either of us are disconnected, please call me at 780-239-3344 and we may continue via telephone

In the event of an emergency, please let me know if you will be joining our session from a location other than your home.

By reading this page, I consent to receive online counseling. I understand that I can revoke my consent at any time.