Strengthen your Recovery Foundation Intensive

Strengthen your Recovery Foundation Intensive

You have established a consistent sobriety. You have been consistent in building a good recovery program with individual work, therapy, and group possibly. Maybe you are even in marriage counseling and working on repairing your relationship, but...?

But, in those quiet alone moments you still have lingering doubts, fears, and questions. Is this all? Have I arrived at a safe, confident place? Is my spouse/partner convinced I am in a place where it won't happen again? Or...?

Strengthening your Recovery Foundation is the next level of intensive that will help you resolve a number of those nagging, lingering questions and fears with empirical methods of treatment that help create a successful long-term recovery.

Strengthening your Recovery Foundation begins with solidifying, reaffirming, and strengthening you in your current recovery journey by revisiting some of the foundational basics - clarifying your sex addiction cycle, your sobriety plan, strengthening your relapse prevention plan, and building a strong support system where you are not isolated in your journey. It will also give you a deeper level of understanding of your addiction and the healing process through learning the neuroscience (how it impacts the brain) involved.

Strengthening your Recovery Foundation will also get you firmly rooted in the awareness of your attachment wounds and needs which have been a core part or your motivation and arousal template for acting out, while also helping you to transform how you seek to meet those needs in healthier ways.

Strengthening your Recovery Foundation also digs deeper into the foundation of the shame that maintained secrets and creates a reluctance to become transparent, and helps give you a clear road map to traveling a successful path of making it an asset instead of an adversary. It also will give you tools for more satisfying connection and empathy with your spouse/partner.

Finally, strengthening your Recovery Foundation also will help you establish a healthier, more vibrant sexuality and spirituality by identifying key elements and practices for establishing a lifestyle of transforming sexuality and spirituality.

Join us in this relational, experiential, group experience of transformation and foundation building on your recovery journey.

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