Our Services

Our Services

The heart and soul of good therapy is all about developing a trusting relationship.

This relationship then benefits you in tangible and transforming ways as you pursue health and personal development. You have exercised courage to do possibly one of the scariest things you have ever done or , maybe you are already familiar with this process. Whatever the case, I applaud your initiative to get to a better place. Together, we can accomplish that as I earn your trust in the relationship. Our website has been created with that relationship building in mind. If you would, take a few moments to scan the links for the most relevant information, click on the brief videos, or access our resources, blogs, or event links.

Then, contact us for a brief free phone consultation, to register, and to set up your initial appointment.

Premarital Assessment

We provide two options for assessing a couple's readiness for the joy and challenges of merging two lives, two family of origin backgrounds, two expectations into one in marriage. Both of these assessments have solid scientific validity as well as relational relevance. They are also conducted in the context of a personally engaging interview process with the therapist.

premarital counseling

The premarital counseling offered here, in conjunction with the assessment, is done so on the premise of helping the couple establish a relationship that will be mutually satisfying and will last the test of time. Options are available for four 3 hour sessions or eight 2 hour sessions.

Marital Therapy Focusing on the Following

The most intimate relationship on earth apart from a personal relationship with God is that of the covenant of marriage. Two individuals become one flesh. This refers to a union of body, soul, and spirit - total intimacy. This is not an individuality erasure, but rather an integration of the core aspects of each person while also maintaining a healthy separateness. When two people are appropriately bonded together, it is a liberating and comforting relationship experience.

Our services are designed to enhance the foundations of this relationship, repair the breaches and brokenness, enable couples to deal with the realities of the death of a relationship, and to reignite that which had been all but snuffed out.

Spiritual Formation

First and foremost Spiritual Formation can be integrated into all we do based upon each client's preferences for this intervention. Some clients are not particularly interested in spiritual solutions. Some come because we offer it. We treat each and every client with respect to their wishes and goals in this matter.

Secondly, we also offer spiritual formation in three distinct formats:Individual therapy around spiritual formation, a Christian based sex addiction recovery group -Grace Healing Journey, and finally, workshops on designated weekends at various external locations. See our blog for events.

Christian Sex Therapy

  1. Sexual Intimacy Issues: Sexual intimacy begins with one's ability to be emotionally, spiritually, sensually, and sexually aware of self and equipped to address these areas in healthy self-affirming ways. We address those areas from a frame of reference that is both evidence based and supported by the truths of Scripture.
  2. Sexual Dysfunction Issues: Sometimes couples bump up against difficulties functioning well in their sexual relationship. These can be complex and sensitive issues. Is it desire, hormones, medications, aging, porn, emotional disconnection, former sexual abuse, rigid religious beliefs, family of origin issues, just to mention a few? These are addressed in a sensitive and accepting framework.

Comprehensive Sex and Porn Addiction Recovery

Any addiction involves complex issues and is not merely a matter of will to change. In order to experience freedom and lasting change, a comprehensive approach is necessary. Our protocol also addresses core attachment(bonding) needs, which may not have been addressed since childhood. Sex-porn addiction is unique in that all the ingredients one needs to fuel it are in the brain. Our treatment protocol addresses the behavior, the thinking processes, underlying attachment needs, and spiritual healing. A Scholarship Fund based upon financial eligibility is available for addicts and partners pursuing this area of treatment. See details under learn more.


Grace Healing Journey specializes in the treatment of sexual compulsivity and addiction.

Approximately 3 in every 10 people in the United States struggle with sexual addiction and a much higher percentage struggle with sexually compulsive behavior.

Compulsive sexual behavior can interfere with relationships, while also facilitating legal, financial, and health related problems. These behaviors may also cause problems at work or in social settings.


We are pleased to offer the following therapy groups.

  1. Men's sexual addiction recovery group
  2. Partner's Recovering from betrayal group
  3. Grace Healing Journey Group
  4. Couples Group Coming 2019

Informational Workshops

Marital Issues, Sexual Intimacy Issues, Sexual Dysfunction Issues, Sex and Porn Addiction

Consultation, Speaking Engagements, and Training for the development of support groups