Meditation #3 - Path to a Deeper God Connection

Proverbs 2:1-5

Remember your “first love”. Picture spending hours and hours talking, texting, face timing, or being together. If felt impossible to ever think you would be separated. Even when you were, all you could think about, dream about, feel was: when can I be with him or her again. What intensity, what concentration, what passion, what joy, what pleasurable presence with and for one another!!! The passage for today’s meditation contains similar passion and focus. Incline your ear...apply your heart...cry out for ...lift your voice her like for her like treasure...(Proverbs 2:1-5). Feel the passion! Enter into the extreme focus! Embrace the emotion of this longing. What or who is the object of this intensity? Verse 5 unveils this. Then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God. This is an ancient way of saying you will know experientially what it is to be fully known by God and to know God as fully as it is humanly possible.

It may be difficult to grasp the notion of knowing God as passionately or intimately as you would one of the opposite sex. However, all throughout Scripture God provides these very analogies. In the OT, God often refers to Israel as his wife. Jesus’ words in the gospels in relationship with the Father reflect this same intimate language. For a better grasp of this check out John 13-17. The NT is filled with language that describes Jesus as the Groom and human believers as his Bride. So, where are you in experiencing this level of intimacy and passion with the Lord? Is there a desire for this? Is there a longing? Is there motivation to pursue? Is there commitment to it? You may rest securely on the promise God has nestled in this 5th verse. Then, you WILL understand , know, and find for yourself intimate relationship with God(fear of the Lord- look at the earliest meditation to gain context of this reality)