Intensives and Workshops

Couples Intensive

Many couples need more than weekly counseling sessions to work through the issues they are dealing with. This is especially true for couples that are in extreme crisis or are experiencing a web of complex issues and challenges. To better serve these couples, we offer several Couple Intensive options.

Healing from Betrayal Partner Intensive

Are you in a relationship with someone who is struggling with compulsive sexuality or addiction? Regardless of the type of behavior, we recognize the betrayal and hurt, and the significant impact this has had on you and your relationship. What you are experiencing is trauma - and we can help!

Bridge to Recovery

Are you struggling with pornography or other compulsive sexual behaviors and can't seem to stop? If so, we have the perfect solution!

Strengthen Your Recovery Foundation

You have established a consistent sobriety. You have been consistent in building a good recovery program with individual work, therapy, and group possibly. Maybe you are even in marriage counseling and working on repairing your relationship, but...