We are pleased to offer the following online therapy groups starting first week in May.

Cost per session: $35.00

Online group: Men's sex and porn addiction recovery -Thursdays 7-8:30

Group therapist: Bruce Wayne Knight, LMFT, LCMHC, NCC, CSAT, CST, EFT, CCTP, MDiv

Struggling with maintaining sexual integrity? Needing a plan with other safe, motivated people?

We are serious about getting well and establishing consistent sobriety. We provide a safe, nonjudgmental environment with others who are struggling but making progress. We also begin repairing wounded relationships and reclaiming healthy sexuality and spirituality. Therapist led, educational, experiential, and relationship building. All we need now, is you. Complete the contact form or call for an appointment.

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For more information contact: Bruce Knight at 980-288-3816, or email:

Online group: COVID-19 impact processing group - Wednesdays 9-10:30 am or Thursdays 1-2:30 pm

Group therapist: Carolyn J. Henderson, LCMHC, NCC, BCC, QS

Struggling with your self-concept during a time of uncertainty?

Let's process within a dynamic, safe environment where "catharsis" and discovery happens. We will create a safe space for intra and inter-personal work related to self-concept and how the current pandemic and future unknowns are impacting those within designated life spans, i.e. ages 45-64 who are maintaining careers and adjusting to empty nest rebounds and ages 65+ who are in retirement, seeking to retire or just want to remain active. We will address present themes and levels of distress raised as a result of COVID-19 in a safe, nonjudgmental and confidential environment. Come join us on this healing journey.

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For more information contact: Carolyn J. Henderson at 980-288-2396, or email:

Online group: Women struggling with anxiety and relationship stress, Thursday 7-8:30pm

Group therapist: Jessica LeMire LCMHCA, NCC

Do you feel alone in your marriage? Is anxiety interrupting your peace?

It's important for women to have a healthy marriage with equal parts loving memories, forgiveness, and a determination to never give up on thier spouse. But none of these come easy. Grace Healing Journey provides women a safe place to gather and heal during weekly group sessions exploring nourishing ways to replace anxiety and isolation with serenity and community. We believe women gather in grace and as one might feel weak, but together, can find strength....

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For more information contact: Jessica LeMire at 803-371-3621 or email

Online group: Facing adjustment in the face of challenging transition: TBD

Group therapist: Kendra King, MSW, LCSWA, LCASA, Licensed Clinical Therapist

Things are in an ever changing state and this particular season for the human experience is so challenging. At times it seems that we may never get back to "normal". This group is for individuals, dating couples, young marrieds experiencing the anxieties of living life differently. This group provides a safe platform to process your fears, anxieties, worries, and concerns about how your present and future will be impacted by current health and economic uncertainties.

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For more information contact: Kendra King at 704-313-8578 or