Grace Healing Journey Protocol with Regards to the Coronavirus

Grace Healing Journey Protocol with Regards to the Coronavirus

In our vision statement as a practice, there is one statement concerning why we exist, that I want to iterate here. "Our clients are everything". That is the value which we place on all our clients. We work very hard to create a safe (in every way, including physical health), nonjudgmental, and accepting environment. Because of this, we had chosen to remain open and available to our clients on this campus. Please read our prior stated practices since the coronavirus was made public.

We have taken measures for our clients' as well as our therapists' protection against the coronavirus based on the CDC, Whitehouse, and basic healthcare procedure guidelines for these types of viruses. To date, it has become necessary, in everyone's best health interest to offer these teletherapy services.

Our practices and protocol:

1. At a minimum, all surfaces that may have skin contact are disinfected before the office opens and after it closes. When it is logistically possible, throughout the day, disinfecting will occur.

2. As you already know, we are an emotionally engaging practice and will remain such. However, until the health question marks are resolved, we will not engage in handshakes, hugs, or extended close physical proximity with clients.

3. Therapists are required to monitor their own status of risk, the symptoms of contraction, and when needed, to stay home if exposed and/or affected by the Coronavirus.

a. Cough

b. Shortness of breath

c. Fever

d. Breathing difficulties

4. Therapists are also required to wash their hands regularly, wipe down surfaces in their individual offices, and to cover mouth with a tissue or in the elbow if coughing.

5. If a therapist is opening or closing Grace Healing Journey office they will 1) glove up with the gloves provided, 2) using the provided disinfectant wipes, wipe down all surfaces that he or she would touch behind the front desk (i.e.) the drawers of the file cabinet, the computer keyboard, the handles and back of the chair, the charger cords for the IPAD and CC unit, in addition to door handles, sides, doorway within hand reach, light switches, all points of potential contact in both bathrooms, all points of potential contact in the kitchen area (coffee maker, microwave, drawer handles, refrigerator,etc). These are in addition to your own room areas.

Your requested practices:

1. Monitor and report prior to session if you have experienced any of the above symptoms and if they are not associated with a previously known condition.

2. If you have any of the symptoms above, please respond to these questions.

a. Have you or anyone in your household received a COVID 19

b. Have you had close contact within the past 30 days with someone diagnosed with COVID 19 _______?

c. Have you or anyone you have had close contact with traveled to China, South Korea, Japan, Italy, or Iran in the past 30 days______?