Bridge to Recovery

Bridge to Recovery

5-Day Intensive for Men Struggling with maintaining sexual integrity and wrestling to overcome addictive sexual behaviors

Are you struggling with pornography or other compulsive sexual behaviors and can't seem to stop? If so, we have the perfect solution!

Greetings my fellow colleagues and participants in the journey of healing,

Bridge to Recovery is a four and a half day intensive recovery event, for those who struggle with maintaining sexual integrity and are wrestling to overcome compulsive sexual behavior. Whether it is porn or other forms of compulsive sexual behavior attendees will be immersed into an accepting, nonjudgmental atmosphere. This creates a positive accountability for experiencing the maximum benefit in their goals to establish sobriety, create a strong recovery, and begin repairing the attachment wounds that left them vulnerable to addiction.

This healing event is a small group (4-8) based intensive with an experiential design. We integrate sex addiction recovery, attachment repair initiation (learning how to bond with those who are close), initiation of healthy sexuality and the development of empathy for your partner, creation of relapse prevention strategies and we introduce healthy sexuality. Seats will fill quickly.

Participants will be exposed to how to effectively deal with:

  • Denial, resistance, shame
  • Defining and beginning to establish sobriety
  • Addressing underlying trauma and attachment wounds
  • Beginning to develop empathy for partners
  • Personalizing the addiction cycle
  • Building relapse prevention strategies
  • Early stages healthy sexuality
  • Establish early and long term recovery

This may be the first step leading to freedom and a much greater satisfaction with your own internal life and your close relationships.

Warm regards,
Bruce Wayne Knight, LMFT, LMHC, CSAT, CST, EFT, CCTP, MDiv

For costs, registration, and more information contact the office at 980-288-2396 or 980-288-3816. You may also reach Bruce at

Cost: $2,250 (includes hotel, materials, and most meals for the length of the Intensive)